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Drive test tool designed to troubleshoot, monitor, maintain and optimize wireless voice and data network performance, in realtime. XCAL assesses QoS/QoE and ensures seamless service integration with existing GSM, WCDMA, HSPA, EVDO, Mobile WiMAX, TD-SCDMA, LTE, LTE-A, LTE-3CA, LTE-U, LTE-H and PS-LTE. By automatic recording and deciphering messages from the air interface, XCAL detects any network bottleneck and impediments to delivering high quality voice and data services, which gives input for a network enterprise. Designed for 4G VoLTE measurement and analysis.

Features include:

* Perform drive tests for service verification and gauge 'success' of network upgrades
* Benchmark network performance
* Carry out QoS, QoE measurements
* Carry out end-to-end application testing (MMS, SMS, video, etc.)
* Minimize OPEX by automating many labour-intensive workflows
* Intelligently manage massive volumes of drive test data, maps and performance counters
* Conduct indoor and outdoor network performance analysis
* Optimize handover performances
* Carry out multiple data sessions on each test terminal
* Carry out ADB Script for Smart Phone Performance Measurement

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